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Value of Rooted Wisdom: ‘The body holds the wisdom – how food, diet, culture and ancestry all have a place.’

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  • This online Masterclass will be held on Monday 27 September, 10am-10.30am BST

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The Value of Rooted Wisdom - How food, diet, culture and ancestry all have a place


Rujuta Diwekar is the leading nutritionist and food scientist in India. She is also a powerful advocate for public health. In this 30 minute Q&A session, that Rujuta has so kindly gifted to us all, she will be sharing rich stories that illuminate a cultural understanding of wholistic wellbeing.  She will speak of the need for respect of body wisdom, and explain how food is central to our belonging, inclusion, exchange, and sense of place. Through her many years of work and research she has identified what we systemic practitioners call ’The Orders” in food, nutrition and assimilation, and how our health is inseparable from the lives of our ancestors. 

This is a very special, and very rare, opportunity to discuss the topic of nutrition through the systemic lens with a leading expert in the field, and discover what has to be included in order to thrive. 

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Online Via Zoom