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  • This online masterclass will be held on Monday 27th September 2021 from 6pm-8pm BST

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In this masterclass, Jane James will explore some of the ways in which parenting and grandparenting can be enhanced by an understanding of systemic dynamics and how some simple activities and tools can help with family life.

Jane recently published her book, Families: revealing the hidden dynamics of parenting and has been delighted by the response particularly from the constellations community.

In the book, Jane uses her experience of systemic approaches with parents and children as well as within her own family to support new ways of understanding the dynamics of being a child, being a parent, being a grandparent – being in the generational line. There is a range of simple but powerful activities for parents - some to undertake on their own, some to do with children.

The book makes clear how she has come to an understanding of the four ways of knowing and the four ordering principles of human systems. This book carries simple but powerful messages about love, about what we carry from our family heritage and how we can work creatively to support healthy, vibrant and loving children.

Jane outlines her personal story: ‘I have come to realise that I am the product of my family - not just genetically but in terms of the love, care and affection that has flowed down the generations. That love was there in my grandparents and passed on to my parents, despite the wars and challenges of poverty in the first half of the twentieth century. I learnt directly from my grandparents and parents how to help children grow and become themselves and at the same time some of the intuitive and instinctive capacity for warmth and generosity was passed on in ways we don’t yet understand. Just as trans-generational trauma is increasingly recognised as a phenomenon, so I believe trans-generational blessing may also be a thing'.

'The realisation that I am the recipient of blessings – and that so are my children and grandchildren – spurred me on to write this book. There are many mistakes in the history behind me. None of is perfect as parent. All we can do is aspire to be good enough. I’ve tried to take the strength of the bond that I benefited from and bring it alive for our children and grandchildren'.


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