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'Jamaica; The echoes of the chains. Transgenerational, systemic and epigenetic trauma in current context'', Masterclass with Cherry Jarrett

Course Date

  • This online Masterclass will be held on Saturday 30 October, 5.00pm-7.00pm GMT

Course Description

Cherry is a former graduate of the CSC and during this masterclass she will be taking a deep dive into the legacy of slavery on Jamaican’s trans-generationally, epigenetically and socially


What you learn/develop


This masterclass will explore the impact of the breeding programs on sexual identity, attachment relationships and traumatic bonding. With particular focus on the legacy of slave and slave owner dynamics from a systemic perspective.

This masterclass will include several Jamaican voices of different ages and locations to reflect the range of geographical and generational perspectives of the diasporic descendants of the transatlantic slave trade

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Online Via Zoom