Couples Therapy Training 2022/23

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Who is it for?

The purpose of this training is to give participants the opportunity to extend their therapeutic or coaching practice to include working with couples or other two-person systems. It is assumed that participants will already have basic skills in working with individuals, and therefore the course focus is on the shifts and additional skills needed to be of help when working with couples.

The teaching is intended to help therapists and coaches ‘see’ and work with systems, including the three interacting systems that are alive in the room when working with couples or two-person systems, and the wider and deeper family systems that surround the couple and often emerge and influence in hidden ways.  We draw on both Gestalt theory as a basic orientation, and the systemic constellation philosophy developed by Bert Hellinger. We will also focus on presence, and an understanding of the many common contexts that bring couples into therapy or the issues that arise in two person systems in organisation.

 Module 125-27 October 2022 Tuesday – Thursday
 Module 26-8 December 2022 Tuesday – Thursday
 Module 37-9 February 2023 Tuesday – Thursday
 Module 418-20 April 2023 Tuesday – Thursday

Platform: Zoom

What to have to hand

– A note pad, pen and some blank sheets of paper
– A printed copy of the Course Information document that provides details of the exercises we will be doing together
– For your comfort, you may also like to have plenty of water, a blanket, and a box of tissues to hand.

Please note, we will take comfort breaks throughout the session.


To make the most of this event, please ensure you have:
– A stable internet connection
– Zoom installed on your device. It is free to download and can be found here.
– Please make sure Zoom is updated to the latest version or you may experience issues when logging in
– Please read our Zoom participation notes below

Participating in Zoom sessions with us

Can’t make it?
Please let us know if you are unable to join so we can update the register.

When to ‘arrive’
Please plan to begin logging in about 10 minutes before the session is due to start. This gives you sufficient time to test the connection, and your sound and lighting. When you arrive you will be placed into a waiting room to enable you to check everything is working. The facilitator will open the room at the start time given.  

When the waiting room will close
We’ll begin each online session promptly and will usually begin with meditation and check in. Once the teaching has begun we will close the entry to the session and later comers after this time will not be admitted as it is disruptive to the rest of the group.  

Please keep your camera on and microphone off
Constellation work requires full participation from the group and so we ask that you keep your camera on during the session, unless prompted by the facilitators to turn it off for specific exercises or meditations. Equally, please keep your microphones muted unless you are speaking to avoid background distractions for the group. 

Leaving early
Please let The Centre know before the session if you need to leave early. You may wish to do this in the Chat box. If you need to leave the session for an unexpected reason please also let the group know in the Chat box when you will be returning. Some of the work we do together is sensitive and it is very helpful to know the reason for sudden departures from the group.

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