Advanced Training 2022/23 ( Year 3)

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The ‘Advanced Training’, is open to all those who have completed both the CSC Foundation and Applied Trainings and wish to:

  • Refresh or deepen their constellation practice
  • Integrate, with support, the systemic lens into their established professional field
  • Design and develop new initiatives and ways of working with inter-connectivity through the systemic lens
  • Continue to explore, deepen and develop themselves personally and creatively
  • Be part of an on-going community of support as we navigate the next steps for humanity

The CSC Advanced Training is a learning journey designed to take participants to the next threshold in their practice – whatever that might be. The journey is brand new, the teaching is brand new and it is exploratory and creative, but crucially it is rooted in the settled place of the Conscience of the Greater Whole.

As Constellators we know that we are only helpful to others when we are at peace with ourself and our own trans-generational story. To work phenomenologically requires us to step beyond personal and systemic loyalties and bear the guilt of that movement. We meet the past in constellations only in order to move beyond it. This is a demanding journey that needs support.

Unlike the focus used in the Foundation and Applied Trainings, in this new training we no longer look back to the past generations for context, meaning and clarity, instead we attend to our capacity to remain present – consciously. This is the place of inner freedom, the place of our true potential, and where we discover what we are really here to do.

This Advanced Training begins a journey with new teaching, deep personal enquiry, and the support and care of the teachers and our fellow journeymen there to help us.  Together we will build confidence for practice, and also learn to be entrepreneurial with our confidence. We will create space for innovation and we will turn to the future, not the past, in order to discover what is calling us.

The training will comprise of 5 modules, with additional zoom sessions and support circles. There will be…

  • 3 three-day face to face teaching modules spread over one year
  • 2 two-day online teaching modules
  • 5 zoom teaching sessions including teaching and experiential learning
  • 3 personal one hour coaching sessions with a senior faculty member
  • Regular online peer group support meetings – some supervised by the CSC faculty

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