The Centre for Systemic Constellations

Couples Practice Group 2021/2022

Session Dates

  • Session one - 13 September 2021, Session two - 18 October 2021, Session three - 15 November 2021, Session four - 13 December 2021, Session five - 17 January 2022, Session six - 14 Febryary 2022

Course Description


The Couples Practice Group are offered as a follow up for anyone who has completed the CSC Couples Therapy Training Course.

The online ‘Couples Practice Group’ will focus on what members of the group bring, and will include a mixture of supervision, practice work, demonstration and teaching around the issues that arise. We are aiming for it to be creative, informative, and inspiring, to build on what you have previously learnt and to help you put it into practice.

Course Details

Course Price

£300 for Six Sessions

Course Venue

Online Via Zoom