The Centre for Systemic Constellations

Being our Authentic Selves: Imposter Syndrome and Belonging

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  • This course will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2022, 5pm – 9pm GMT

Course Description

No matter how well you do, or how successful you are, do you often have a sneaking sense that something is wrong? Do you wonder how to fit into the world and still be who you are? And who is that, anyway? Do you even have an authentic self? Do you worry that people don’t really know you? That if they did actually know you, they wouldn’t like you? Do you believe that you have somehow managed to fool the people who have a good opinion of you? If you have any of these experiences, you have touched what is called “Imposter Syndrome.” In this workshop we will use constellation work to discover the gifts and release the unconscious contracts involved in our “Imposter Syndrome” experiences.

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Online Via Zoom