The Centre for Systemic Constellations

Ancestral Connections Embodying Life

Course Date

  • This class will be held Saturday 24 and 25 Sunday 25 June 2023

Course Description

In this advanced workshop you will deepen your knowledge of the ancestral field, and experience how to use the body as a resource for navigating the wisdom of your ancestors contained in our collective consciousness and at a cellular level. Using Movement, Embodiment, Music and Constellations, Ancestral Connections will also assist you to navigate healthy relationships, boundaries and regulate the nervous system.  Based in collective experience and community-based process, you have real-time opportunity to work through your relational patterning and be celebrated by your peers in what is both a deeply moving and joyful experience. 

Ancestral Connections provides us with a map to access the strengths and gifts of our ancestors – their resilience, their wisdom – and gives us the tools to release ourselves from playing out the same patterns of behaviour though deeper embodiment to navigate life’s challenges.  With over 40 years combined experienced, Tanja and Sian have been developing this work and presenting it internationally for 8 years. 

Although this workshop does not qualify you to practice Ancestral Connections (see the full training at, it does equip you with important skills to use in your systemic work and facilitation practice.  

What you will experience and receive in this workshop:

  • Experience a deep healing container and clear embodied navigation within the ancestral field
  • Come into right and supportive relationship with your own ancestral field 
  • Witness preparation and care of the space, facilitator and clients for working with ancestral fields
  • Movement and embodiment techniques for bringing your nervous system into alignment
  • Feel nourished with creative ideas and fresh possibilities for your practice
  • The wisdom of incorporating lightness, play and humour 

We invite you to say “yes” to this opportunity if you feel called or curious to participate and come explore your questions with us. Embodying Life is open to all as a personal development immersion and also forms part of the portfolio for those interested in the Ancestral Connections Facilitator Training.

Course Details

Course Price

Full Price £350  

Course Venue

Bolney Meadow Community Centre

31 Bolney St,