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A Surprising Richness in Contracting Systemic Work - What Metaphor Supports

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  • This online Masterclass will be held on Tuesday 5th April 2022 9.30-11.00 GMT

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Richard Wallstein PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, UKC Senior teaching faculty member; with a background in psychology and Gestalt psychotherapy and began studying Hellinger’s work in 1993, working with many practitioners. He has been leading workshops and trainings internationally for many years and has private psychotherapy and consulting/coaching practices in London. He was a founding board member of ISCA, the International Systemic Constellations Association.

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Image Formation: To generate both a hypothesis and contract and to then conduct the work, we must create a rich understanding of the client’s issue. Through deep listening, the facilitator develops an image of the issue. She/he then adds structure and direction to the image by querying their own understanding of the Orders. This active workspace of the imagination allows plotting-through a sequence of interventions aimed toward issue resolution. The image offers a preview of what may be possible in the work and how that might be achieved. The verbal form of this image, more or less full, is what we can propose to the client as the contract.

Following the client’s agreement and the work itself is Completion: To the degree our image and its structure have been accurate, the client will have received what we offered and what they agreed. This alignment safeguards our practice. When Image and Completion facets align the facilitator additionally protects her- or himself from an ego-driven solution – one the facilitator determines primarily alone; in this case, clients can be left, often for years, believing they own images of importance actually to the facilitator but of little relevance or benefit to the client.

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